More About Me

Getting to Know Me

Real estate is like riding a roller coaster for the first time – you don’t know what is coming next. You are pretty sure it will be a fun ride and it won’t kill you but… really don’t know what to expect next. Once you ride it, it is a completely different ride. We have seen incredible, out of the world real estate appreciation and we have seen hit the bottom property depreciation. All in the past ten years and from luxury homes to townhomes.

It has been my honor to be a part of this industry for over 15 years as a buyer’s agent and as a listing agent. Relationships, negotiation skills and education are ultimately the key to my success. This real estate business is tangled with possible snares from lending guidelines to appraisal issues to nervous buyers and sellers – we truly must be super agents! Of course a full time commitment to the profession and dedication to my clients also leads to success.

Business by referral is my business model which means I spend my time building my relationship with you, working for you during our real estate transaction, staying in touch with you after the transaction, being available to pass along professional referrals to you when you need them or provide a current property value to you – instead of spending my time knocking on doors or calling people I don’t know. My clients are my success and I will never forget that you have a choice!

I moved to South County in 1976 as a teenager and attended Live Oak High School in Morgan Hill. I moved to Gilroy in 1992 and found it a fantastic place to raise my daughter. Started my real estate career in 2005 and it has been one fun ride ever since.